Home Of Shelties with Brain and Beauty


My name is Niki Heimklo and i'm a small hobby breeder located just outside Stockholm, in Täby. I fell in love with the sheltie as breed and I still continue to be amazed by their beauty, intelligence and loyalty. My dogs are beloved family members.


  • My goal is to breead both mentality, health and exterior to reveal good copies of the breed. The goal is to produce healthy dogs who are willing to work, being social, environmental strong and mentally strong. These are traits that make dogs great companions and family dogs, but also very well suited to various dog sports.
  • My dogs live a active life with training and competing in agility, rally-obedience, obedience.
  • My breeding suits you who wants to be active with your dog, and can give a  loving home.

All my breeding stocks are: 

Mentally tested

Eye checked

Genetically free from PRA, CEA, MDR1

Gotten thier hips and elbows x-rayed.